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Scott Michael Bulloch


Austin, TX




Phoenix, AZ


BA Visual Communications


Music, Hiking, Borderlands

About me

Hi there, my name is Scott and I am a web developer and designer currently living and working in Phoenix, AZ. My passion is finding ways to make the web a better place through code and an eye for detail. I enjoy the continual learning process necessary to work in perpetually advancing web technologies.

A large focus of mine is responsive design and user experience. It goes without saying these days, but for many years I have felt the web should be accessible, usable and beautiful wherever it is viewed.

If you are a potential employer, you will find all of my information on this page including my skills, work history and portfolio.

Wherever smart people work, doors are unlocked

Steve Wozniak

My Skills

The dials show my own assessment of proficiency with the skills I use regularly. Here is a list of other software and workflow tools I use:

  • Atom & Sublime Text
  • GitHub
  • SASS & Compass
  • JavaScript & jQuery
  • Foundation
  • Bootstrap
  • Jekyll
  • WordPress
  • Photoshop
  • Illustrator
  • Google Docs







curriculum vitae


BA Visual Communications

Collins College

3 Years

August 2000 - May 2003

I moved to Tempe, AZ in the summer of 2000 and started studying graphic design after burning out on programming. A few years later, these two fields would collide and I ended up doing both as my interest in the web grew. Design comes much harder for me than coding so I believe my career has been well served by pursuing this degree.

Computer Science

University Of Texas

1 Year

August 1998 - December 1999

I studied Computer Science for a year at the College of Natural Sciences at UT in Austin. I was debating which of my interests to pursue after high school, art or programming, and decided my future would be better served with a degree in a field of technology. After a year of non-stop coding I decided to switch fields to something more artistic so I enrolled in a graphic design school.

Work Experience

Front End Developer

Tallwave 29th Drive

Full Time

May 2014 - Current

This is the same great team that I did contract work for and it was an honor to be asked to join full time. We build state of the art experiences based on research and implemented through clean, semantic code.

  • Ground up build and architecture of custom websites
  • Device/browser testing and bug fixing
  • GitHub repo setup, maintenance and issue tracking
  • Design in browser

Front End Developer

Revolution Parts


March 2014 - April 2014

Revolution Parts is an up and coming SaaS that provides an intelligent ecommerce platform for selling car parts. They have a team of bright engineers but needed some help with polish and UX. I was able to work on a few small projects with them before being offered a full time job at 29th Drive.

  • UX, visual design and coding of shopping cart checkout page
  • Visual design and coding of email templates for order and shipping confirmation

Front End Developer

29th Drive


October 2013 - January 2014

29th Drive is a high end creative agency that does user experience testing and creates websites and apps. It was great fun and a learning experience working with their team. They use bleeding edge technology to produce amazing products. They were recently bought the venture development firm Tallwave and its digital marketing agency Ethology to provide in house design services.

Details of job responsibilities:

  • Creating hand crafted front end code from PSDs in a team environment
  • Creating interactive and animated enhancements with JavaScript and CSS3
  • Debugging existing code
  • Creating documentation and guidelines for template usage

Web Designer

Pearson Education

Full Time

July 2009 - May 2013

Pearson is a large education company and my full time employer for close to four years. I was hired and worked primarily as a web designer but also used in numerous capacities during my tenure. My group functioned as an in house creative agency developing online marketing campaign materials. I had a great experience there and learned a lot about working with not only many people, but many different groups in the company all over the globe.

Details of job responsibilities:

  • Coding marketing campaign environments on websites across many company web properties in multiple server environments
  • Developing and distributing HTML and CSS best practice guidelines for other marketing departments
  • Developing and coding multi-channel campaign programs for email, social media, and display marketing
  • Creating and apply campaign tracking codes for multiple analytics and reporting tools
  • Training other marketing groups on campaign setup and deployment
  • CRM database maintenance and analysis
  • Setting up web forms and tracking campaign conversions

Web Designer

TriWest Healthcare Alliance


February 2009 - March 2009

TriWest Healthcare Alliance is the insurance provider for the DOD in the western Tricare region. I was hired primarily to take documents from the legal team and translate them to web pages for reference by beneficiaries. I was also able to help with a few other projects during my time after early completion of primary duties.

Details of job responsibilities:

  • Converting legal documents from Microsoft Word to XHTML strict web pages on ASP.NET server
  • Designing and coding media center/video repository using JavaScript and Flash player
  • Developing and coding custom scripts for surveys and a newsletter signup form using behavioral targeting

Web Designer


Part Time

July 2008 - July 2009

WebsiteAZ is a small agency that creates custom one off websites and provides hosting services. I worked on many projects during my time there in all capacities from acquisiton to completion.

Details of job responsibilities:

  • Designing and coding custom websites
  • Sales and marketing, client acquisition

Web Designer

Arizona Game & Fish Department


June 2008 - November 2008

My job at AZGFD was to expand the functionality and usefulness of There are bits and pieces of my work sprinkled through this website like Jimmies on a sundae.

Details of job responsibilities:

  • Designing and coding web microsites and email templates
  • Google Maps integration and content for website
  • Creating Flash banner rotator populated from external XML file
  • Photo and video editing and optimization for website
  • Wikipedia editing



Here are some of the companies and brands I've had the pleasure of working for.


Here are some examples of recent work I have completed.

ASU Web Standards
Gibson Dunn
Jack & Jill's Haunted Hill
Rock Star Gallery