Scott Bulloch

Quick Facts

Scott Bulloch
Front-end Developer
BA Visual Communication
Phoenix AZ
Austin TX


I have studied computer science but have a degree in design. I love the web because it a place where art and programming meet. My passion is finding ways to make the web a better place through code and an eye for detail. There is always something new to learn and being a web developer never gets old.

A large focus of mine is responsive design and user experience. I am obessive about precision proper execution but I enjoy breaking the boundaries of expectation and trying new things.


Things I know by heart

HTML and CSS. Using a variety of templating languages, pre- and post-processors, build tools and ingenuity I can crank out a top notch UI for any kind of web app.

Things I know well

JavaScript. JS has come a long way since my early days hacking together plugins for MooTools and Prototype. I have used jQuery daily for a while now but more recently I am gaining proficiency in frameworks like Angular 2. I am used to asynchronous calls to web services, operating on JSON data, manipulating the DOM and have built small applications myself.

Git. Another everyday tool and essential for keeping sanity when collaborating on code. The only reason I would say I don' tknow this by heart is because I hanve't mastered the command line yet.

PHP and MySQL. I have built a lot of WordPress sites which is where most of this experience comes from.


Collins College

BA Visual Communications

University of Texas at Austin

1st Year Computer Science

Work Experience

Tallwave UI Engineer, 05.2014–Now

I joined Tallwave as part of 29th Drive after they were aquired and integrated to infuse design thinking and build out a services group. It has been an amazing experience working on a variety a different software products and feels like working for a new startup every month or two.

  • Building custom user interfaces for web apps
  • Ground up build and architecture of custom websites
  • Device/browser testing and bug fixing
  • Version control and code maintenance
  • Contractor management and code review
  • Design in browser and responsive design
  • UI interactions and animations
  • Creation of documentation and guidelines
  • Database optimizations

Revolution Parts Front-end Developer, 03.2014–04.2014

Revolution Parts is an up and coming SaaS that provides an intelligent ecommerce platform for selling car parts. They have a team of bright engineers but needed some help with polish and UX. I was able to work on a few small projects with them before being offered a full time job at Tallwave.

  • UX, visual design and coding of shopping cart checkout page
  • Visual design and coding of email templates for order and shipping confirmation

29th Drive Front-end Developer, 10.2013–01.2014

29th Drive is a high end creative agency that does user experience and visual design for websites and apps. It was great fun and a learning experience working with their team. They use bleeding edge technology to produce amazing products. They were recently bought the venture development firm Tallwave and its digital marketing agency Ethology to provide in house design services.

  • Creating hand crafted front end code from PSDs in a team environment
  • Creating interactive and animated enhancements with JavaScript and CSS3
  • Debugging existing code
  • Creating documentation and guidelines for template usage

Pearson Education Web Designer, 07.2009–05.2013

Pearson is a large education company and my full time employer for close to four years. I was hired and worked primarily as a web designer but also used in numerous capacities during my tenure. My group functioned as an in house creative agency developing online marketing campaign materials. I had a great experience there and learned a lot about working with not only many people, but many different groups in the company all over the globe.

  • Coding marketing campaign landing pages and microsites across various web properties in multiple server environments
  • Developing and distributing HTML and CSS best practice guidelines for other marketing departments
  • Developing and coding multi-channel campaign programs for email, social media, and display marketing
  • Creating and apply campaign tracking codes for multiple analytics and repo
  • Training other marketing groups on campaign setup and deployment
  • CRM database maintenance and analysis
  • Setting up web forms and tracking campaign conversions